M&E Design Services

Mechanical design includes:

Heating and cooling design

building services design for heating and cooling design

  • classic heating systems with boilers and radiators;
  • cooling design systems with chillers and four/two pipes fan-coil units;
  • VRF/VRV fan coil units with or without heat recovery.

Ventilation design

  • air handling units and MVHR units to providing fresh air in the spaces;
  • variable air volume or constant air volume ventilation design;
  • passive ventilation design.

Electrical design usually includes:electrical building services design

  • lighting design and calculations for the best levels of lighting;
  • adaptability of the colour temperature of the lighting to a specific application (e.g. fruit and veggies should be in hotter temperature colour to look fresher);
  • small power design;
  • sockets and distribution boards layouts;
  • containment plans.

Public health design is formed of:

Hot an cold water design

  • cold water feed including tank and pipes sizing;
  • hot water flow and return pipes (or trace heating);
  • ways of obtaining the hot water from the central boilers with hot water cylinders, heat pumps, instant, etc.

building services design for hot, cold water and drainage

Drainage design

  • all above ground  and below foul drainage in a building;
  • all rainwater.


  • A crucial part of building services design is creating a building model with specialised software such as Hevacomp or IES-VE. This model can tell if the building is passing the building regulations and how well it will perform energy wise.
  • The above is only one of the main reasons we use equipment from manufacturers with the best efficiencies and for a low carbon footprint.
  • London plan specifies that all new buildings must  20% better than PartL, and therefore every new should comply.

The key to a good and reliable mechanical and electrical design is simplicity, using suitable materials and equipment and attention to detail.

buiding services design and sustainability energy assessments

London has a bold plan for reducing the carbon footprint of the buildings, and it can be found here.