Residential projects:

  • Completely refurbishment of the house at 3 Mount View, Mill Hill. We used a new boiler and separate zones for individual floors.
  • Design new 600 sq.m. house that uses a heat pump and underfloor heating and cooling. 3 MVHR units ventilate the entire home.
  • House designed in Transylvania from scratch with 120 sq.m. of space. Due to local conditions uses for primary heating and hot water a boiler with wood.
  • We also designed a 250 sq.m. house with a boiler and separate heating pumps for each floor and thermal-solar pannel. As a result, the fuel economy is massive.

Commercial projects:

  • Probably our biggest project was Sun Mall with a 6 MW plant room with water loop and cooling towers.
  • We also designed a total of over 6000 sq/m of office spaces Cat A fit out and Cat B all over London and Europe.

Education projects:

  • ¬†We did stage 4 design in Revit for two free schools around London. We used in the design process NVHR units for proper classroom ventilation and MVHR for the other spaces. Also, VRF units with heat recovery are taking care of the heating and cooling. The assembly areas were fully conditioned using an air handling unit (AHU) therefore it makes a perfect environment for all activities.
  • Stage 3 design for a school in Barnet. The school needed refurbishment a new heating system with gas boiler and radiators.

Industrial and health projects:

  • A sports club in Stratford designed using VRF units and an MVHR unit for ventilation
  • Stage 3 design for three warehouses containing about 1300 sq.m. of office spaces. Furthermore, the VRF units helped us with heating and cooling.
  • Stage 4 design for 800 sq.m. of offices also serving a huge warehouse. Again VRF and AHU were the solutions.

We kindly thank our close collaborators Mitsubishi Electric.